Manitoba government invests in Green Team projects

Manitoba government invests in Green Team projects

Brian Pallister and Rochelle Squires made a statement on Tuesday. They informed that $5.4 million was allocated to Green Team Programs.

The money will support the work of a lot of public organizations, municipalities and parks in the province. The Premier told that they want to help the younger generation of Manitoba to make their contribution to the public life of the province.

This money will help a lot of volunteer programs, which are primarily created to support young indigenous people, young people with disabilities and visible minority.

Part of the money will go to a program that will clean up the river and return it to its original natural state. This program is called Save Our Seine. It has an official site and is becoming more and more popular among province youth on such social networks as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

More than 1200 young people work in Green Team Programs this year. Manitoba government is really glad that this number is much higher than last year. 

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