Bell MTS Replace Aging FleetNet Communications System in Manitoba

Bell MTS Replace Aging FleetNet Communications System in Manitoba

According to Manitoba officials, Bell MTS is installing a warning system throughout the province. After carrying out all the relevant work, the backup connection will work even in emergency situations.

"Manitobans should be able to receive emergency messages in the event of natural disasters or emergencies," Premier Brian Pallister said on Tuesday. The official also noted that the new bilateral mobile connection system will work even in remote corners of the province. Communication coverage will be about 98%. All existing equipment is replaced completely to more modern retransmission systems.

The FleetNet system has proved to be a reliable means of alerting. This technology is available in the arsenal of police, rescuers and all operational services of the province. The system works even if 35% of the retransmission towers are disconnected. Thanks to the use of a free spectrum of frequencies, citizens will be able to get a stable source of communication. A special system of encrypted messages will allow the transfer of protected messages between rescue agencies.

The navigation system will help to react quickly to local calls of the victims. The additional relay towers are tuned to enhance the quality of the connection. The contract with Bell MTS is concluded for $380 million. A full implementation of the technology will take about three years.

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