Abnormal heat in Manitoba: farmers lost a part of their harvest

Abnormal heat in Manitoba: farmers lost a part of their harvest

Experts believe that because of a crop failure, the number of cattle in Manitoba can significantly decrease. Rapidly growing temperatures have led to a reduction in yields already twice.

Many farmers near Winnipeg report a rapid reduction of meadows and low hay stocks, which are not enough to feed pets in the winter. Some farmers will have to sell about 35% of livestock. This will be enough for the remaining animals to have enough food.

Last month, Manitoba farmers appealed to AgriInsurance and AgriStability, whose programs help farmers obtain additional feeds if they are short. Some farmers drive their livestock from one pasture to another so that the grass can grow, but even this method does not help now because of the reduction of meadows.

It is known that the drought has damaged not only pastures for animals but also a various harvest. Last year, due to a lack of rain, the soil became less moist, but scientists were able to create special reserves to preserve moisture in the ground. Now, these reserves are depleted, which could adversely affect the harvest of the next year.

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