The North End Women's Centre will get funds to help women

The North End Women's Centre will get funds to help women

$4 million will be given to special Winnipeg groups that help women leave sex trade. This statement was made by the federal government on Wednesday, August 8.

Ralph Goodale, Public Safety Minister, reported that the North End Women's Centre will receive this amount of money. New Moon Medicine Rising program will offer its help to consult women and to simplify their healing process.

Jessica Pennock, a woman that appealed for support to the centre some time ago, shared her thoughts about its work. She said that she is so grateful that the employees of the center believed in her. Now, she works as an outreach director and even runs a support group.

The woman is sure that she could not achieve her results without the help of the North End Women's Centre.

According to Ralph Goodale, a safe place of living is the thing number one for people suffering from drug addiction or poverty. It is also very necessary for those who are exploited by other people or who are homeless.  A stable and safe place can solve a lot of problems.

The Crime Prevention Action Fund is going to support 59 social programs this year. The total amount of their investment will be about $35.4 million. The fund has all the necessary information to help the projects. It is aware of everything that happens on the streets of the city and knows where to find the most vulnerable city residents.

Having the necessary financial resources, the North End Women's Centre will be able to help very many people in need in the future.

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