Vita-Mix recalls blender containers after statements of injuries

Vita-Mix recalls blender containers after statements of injuries

Vita-Mix Corp. withdrew part of the containers because of the factory defect. Due to the technical nuances of the design, the containers for the Canadian and US markets are withdrawn for replacement or repair.

The Ascent and Venturist eight-ounce and 20-ounce containers are potentially dangerous. Their lower part can separate and expose the blades. A product with a defect can be easily identified by a black logo from the bottom.

The company reported 5,332 withdrawn container carriers from Canada and 104,000 from the United States. There’s only one case of cuts in Manitoba has been reported. In the United States, 11 similar cases occurred.

Vita-Mix Corp. confirmed the problem and is ready to replace or repair all containers for free. If you have this product, take a look at the bottom of the container, where the factory information is located.

Thanks to the company's prompt response almost the entire defective lot was recalled. If the blade base has a green or orange dot, then your container is absolutely safe. The company's new products no longer contain a dangerous defect. Users who wish to receive a full refund and defective products can contact the company.

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