A Winnipeg police officer has been acquitted

A Winnipeg police officer has been acquitted

Andrew Tighe’s destiny is known: he is not guilty.

A 23-year old Winnipeg policeman, Andrew Tighe, found innocent. This decision was taken by a provincial judge on Thursday, August 9. The judge decided that despite numerous evidence given by the Crown, the man should not be put in jail.

According to the conducted investigation, the man was not in a state of intoxication when he was behind the wheel. The judge issued an acquittal due to lack of evidence on the part of the prosecution.

Judge Robert Heinrichs said that he understands that that day was one of the worst in Andrew’s life and that the man has experienced a lot during the year.

As the officer who arrested Andrew said, she felt some smell of alcohol when she stopped near his car. However, there was no direct evidence that Andrew Tighe was drunk.

Andrew’s attorney commented on the made decision and said that for her side, she did her best to provide her client with all necessary proof of his rightness.Andrew, his family, and his attorney are very happy that everything has finally ended and the man has been found not guilty after a year of a trial.

The circumstances under which Andrew was arrested, the lawyer found very strange. She said that her client's car did not start and he stood next to it and was drinking beer. However, the arresting officer decided that Andrew was driving his car being in a drunken state.

Some other witnesses said that they saw Tighe sleeping in his car with an empty bottle of alcohol near. These facts have also not been proven. So, as a result, Andrew was found not guilty and he has been fully acquitted.

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