Folklorama: Russian pavilion is ready to rock

Folklorama: Russian pavilion is ready to rock

There are only a few more days left until you can spend an interesting and rich evening with live music, dancing, and tasty food - in one breath.

Folklorama - a large-scale event that gathers around interesting pavilions a lot of people with different interests, ideas, aspirations. In the Russian Pavilion, there is always a queue, and this is not an accident.

The Russian Pavilion, under the auspices of the Association of Russian-speaking Manitobians and the leadership of Sofia Barklon and Alexei Kulachenko, opens its doors for the 15th year in a row and continues to amaze and delight the visitors of the festival with a beautiful and rich performance.

This year, the famous dance group Sabotage, members of the Russian-American rock band "Red Elvises" Oleg Bernov and Zhenya Rock, the wonderful artist Alexei Alexandrov, are pleased with their creativity.

For residents of Winnipeg and tourists, there is an exhibition-fair of Russian souvenirs, there is a large selection of traditional gingerbread, dried cakes, marshmallows, and cookies. The organizers of the Russian Pavilion tried to convey the entire national flavor of the country. Many people are delighted with bright outfits and spectacular entertainment program. Dancers have prepared excellent numbers, which are fascinating with their technique of execution.

Russian Pavilion is not only admiring performances of the public but also richly decorated tables. And what a table without tasty food and traditional drinks! On it, those who wish can taste local produce and traditional cuisine, learn about the history of their appearance, and this year also buy favorite products for their household members. A cheerful crowded holiday cannot do without Masha and the Bear and a new member of this fun company Robot!

One of the innovations of this year is the opportunity to order a VIP dinner in the Russian Pavilion. You still have the opportunity to have an excellent evening!

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