Weston Dressler continues to snag success for Blue Bombers

Weston Dressler continues to snag success for Blue Bombers

Weston Dressler struggles with stereotypes and prejudices from the moment of the beginning of the sports way in 10 years. The athlete claims that many coaches were skeptical about his physical condition. Fortunately, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were deprived of prejudice.

The 168-pound Verande has been proving skills in games for 11 years already. "Every day in sport, I argue that I deserve to take a place among the other members of the team," Dressler said. The athlete also noted that the fight against prejudice for him does not end with 12 years.

Mike O'Shea claims that Weston Dressler does a great job with the tasks on the ice and even with his height. The coach also said that the team had jokes about the subject, but everything was exclusively in a friendly manner. "Every tactical task or home installation is performed by him with jeweled precision," Mike O'Shea said.

Dressler has already played 155 regular-season games. In every match, he caught no less than 1-3 passes. Despite the fact that he is already 33, Dressler is in excellent physical form and is an integral part of the team. Many members of the team unanimously assert that it is Weston motivating them to the continuous professional development and the desire for victories.

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