Hundreds of Manitoba Civil Servants Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

Hundreds of Manitoba Civil Servants Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

Research materials have hundreds of cases of sexual abuse. In most cases, the victims did not apply for help from the police and did not report it. "These statistics indicate the need to fundamentally change the culture of behavior at work," Premier Brian Pallister said on Thursday.

A large-scale survey of more than 3,000 employees about sexual harassment revealed depressing statistics. More than 500 people said that they repeatedly experienced psychological pressure and attempts at sexual harassment.

Many respondents said that they often see the lewd looks of their colleagues. Sometimes, cases involve the violation of personal space. Less often there are cases of touch, stroking or pinching. Less than a quarter of the respondents complained to the management about the improper behavior of their colleagues. Less than 13% waited for an adequate reaction.

The Government of Manitoba has developed a whole range of measures and activities to eradicate sexual terror at work. Among the general list of recommendations is the creation of a hotline for communication about homophobia, preventive seminars and a range of activities. The main effort is aimed at changing the culture in the business space and suppressing aggressive behavior.

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