Three celebrities including Steven Seagal are involved into sexual assault cases

There are new accusations of sexual assault involving three famous persons.

These people are Steven Seagal, Harvey Weinstein, and Anthony Anderson. The information was received by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office on Thursday.

Weinstein’s case is the biggest among three. Famous actresses and other American women were against him. The details of the cases are not disclosed.Greg Risling, the district Attorney spokesman, stated that he would not comment on the places or the dates of the assaults.Weinstein, in particular, is accused of rape.The nature of the charges and the time frame of a possible crime are not specified. 

As for Steven Seagal, this is the first such accusation against him. A big movie star of the 1980s became a citizen of Russia in 2016.

A few months before the charges, Seagal had already received a number of similar accusations from more than 10 women. In 2017-2018, the career of several creative figures in the United States ended due to the fact that they were accused of sexual harassment.

We want to recall that Regina Simons accused Steven Seagal of rape, which happened 24 years ago. According to her, in 1994 during the filming of On Deadly Ground, Segal invited her to his place to spend time drinking and dancing with his friends. However, when she arrived there, it turned out that besides her there was no one else. Segal allegedly took off her clothes and then raped her.

Details from Anthony Anderson’s case are still unknown.

Representatives of all three celebrities have not yet commented on the situation.

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