Slain Fredericton officer: fatally street shooting

Slain Fredericton officer: fatally street shooting

Const. Sara Burns was killed by a 48-year-old shooter on Friday. The policeman died during the shootout. Colleagues and friends still cannot believe in what happened. Fiona Williams, a close friend of Sara Burns, claims that she never knew a more kind and sensitive person.

The whole community mourns this loss. Fiona Williams said that Burns always wanted to become a policeman. This chance fell to her in 40 years. "She wanted to help people and be a high-class specialist in legal nuances," Williams said. That's why she graduated from the Atlantic Police Academy at Holland College. In an interview with local channels, Burns repeatedly stated that a real policeman should be a real professional.

In addition to the police service, Const. Sara Burns was a Liberty Lane activist (the center for women in crisis). Thanks to her active work, the center was able to collect more than $ 130,000. In the course of the shoot-out, the officer Const Robb Costello and civilians Bobbie Lee Wright and Donnie Robichaud also died. Matthew Vincent Raymond, 48, is charged with killing a policeman and two civilians (Wright, 32, and Robichaud, 42).

Williams says that Burns directed all her efforts to work with disadvantaged teenagers. The police officer paid special attention to the psychological aspects and causes of deviant behavior. "She had excellent qualities inherent in professional psychologists," Williams said. St. Thomas University became the starting point in the career of Const. Sara Burns. The police officer received a degree in criminology there.

Burns' family still does not believe in what happened. They asked the press not to disturb the family and give some time to prepare for the funeral. The death of a loved one became a blow to them. Relatives expressed the hope that the killer will receive the maximum possible time for his crime.

Friends of Robb Costello brought their condolences to his family. Many colleagues of the policeman say that they did not know a more professional and selfless man. Costello often risked his life by helping his partners. His partner, Jackie McLean, also declined to comment. The woman only said that such a loss was for her a real shock, which she can hardly ever forget.

The trial session will begin on August 27. Matthew Vincent Raymond is in custody. He is accused of the first-degree murder. The motives for the crime are still unknown. The police are looking for possible witnesses to the crime to draw up an accurate picture of what happened.


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