St. Andrews driver struck two teenagers and tried to escape

St. Andrews driver struck two teenagers and tried to escape

The incident occurred on Highway 9, near Lockport. Two boys were riding bicycles on the roadside. A passing car drove off the road and crashed into them.

As a result of the traffic accident, one boy died on the spot from the injuries sustained. Another teenager was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries in critical condition. Several witnesses of the accident called an ambulance and the police. Thanks to a quick response, the second boy was saved.

Police report that the 29-year-old male suspect from Calgary was driving on a stolen car. After a collision with the bike, the driver failed to manage. The car turned over several times and people died. The offender tried to escape but was found by police dogs.

"The situation is unusual. Too many strange details of the incident at such a later time, " mayor George Pike said. The medical examination established that the suspect was driving the vehicle in a state of drug intoxication. Pike also noted that the council members will hold a meeting on this issue on Tuesday. Pike indicated that the public is shocked by the incident and is actively discussing the details of the accident.

The driver of the car is charged with 10 articles. 29-year-old Justin Joseph Little can be sentenced for up to 20 years. The prosecutor's office is already preparing all the necessary materials for the case. The second teenager undergoes an intensive care course. At the moment, his condition was stabilized. The rehabilitation period can take up to six months.

Little is in custody. Soon the date of the court session will be appointed and the case will be examined. The police provided the case materials to the judge. This incident was far from the first in the biography of Justin Joseph Little. The man was repeatedly detained on charges of car theft and hooliganism. The man does not admit his guilt, motivating it with a loss of memory.

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