Winnipeg Beer Festival: local brewers triumph

Winnipeg Beer Festival: local brewers triumph

Stone Angel Brewing are unsurpassed masters of their craft.

The team takes part in this event for the second year in a row. "I'm crazy about the perfect taste of beer. The whole process of creating this drink is based on the constant search for the best combination of tastes, "said Paul McMullan with Stone Angel Brewing.

Brewer also noted that many visitors appreciated the products of Stone Angel Brewing. "When people say that your beer is excellent, it's just incredible," said McMullan. Recent social surveys predict the unprecedented popularity of the Winnipeg Beer Festival. The assortment of beer products will surprise even the real gourmets.

Fort Gibraltar has become a haven for the festival due to its air conditioning system and comfortable design location. The latest weather forecast shows the significant temperature jumps, so visitors will be able to escape from the heat and taste cold beer.

Shawn Brandson with Gibraltar Dining says that the building was chosen not by chance since the advanced system of water stations is very important in such weather conditions. Fort Gibraltar accommodates several thousand people, which perfectly suits the format of this event. Many brewers will bring unique recipes and new flavor combinations of beer.