Calgary driver facing 14 charges for fatal hit and run from the crime scene

Calgary driver facing 14 charges for fatal hit and run from the crime scene

The man was detained last Friday for stealing a car and driving in a drug-induced state. The incident occurred near Donald Road and Highway 9. 29-year-old driver lost control and crashed into two teenagers on bicycles. The police are looking for witnesses of the crime to confirm the picture of what happened.

As a result of the collision, one boy died on the spot. Another victim was hospitalized in serious condition. The man left the crime scene, ignoring the victims. The suspect was found thanks to police dogs. The criminal resisted and denied any involvement in the accident.

At the moment, Justin Joseph Little is in custody. Local police claim that Little repeatedly had problems with the law. At the end of August, a court session will take place, during which the penalty will be chosen.

Among the charges are:

  • Driving in a drug-induced state;
  • Car breakdown;
  • Hitting bicyclists;
  • Escape from the crime scene;
  • Actions that led to the death of the people and other charges.

Also, the total damage from illegal actions is about $ 10,000. Relatives of bicyclists have not yet given their comments to the press. Thanks to the operative actions of doctors, the second teenager was able to survive. The public is worried about the current situation and the fatal combination of circumstances. Local human rights organizations and the municipality promise to take matters under personal control.


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