A woman woke up from a shot at her window

A woman woke up from a shot at her window

Miranda Conn commented on the situation and said that she thinks that the shot was accidental and she was not planned to be the victim.

The incident happened on Sunday morning on Cathedral Avenue. The woman woke up at about 4 in the morning from great noise- her window was broken from a shot.

Miranda Conn was sleeping with her friend when she heard that the window was broken. Also, they heard a sound from a shotgun.

As she reported later, in her opinion a shooter just was wrong in choosing windows.She said that the situation was simply shocking. The woman just did not want to imagine what could happen if she or her boyfriend was there at the moment of the shooting.

People called the Police and left the apartment as soon as possible that day. The Police said that it was a big luck that no one was hurt neither by the shot nor by the shards of glass.

Also, the Police officers told that most likely the shooter mistook the address and shot at the wrong window.

The Police are investigating. However, they do not know who did it, but they believe that the incident is related to drugs.

This is all the information that the police currently shared to the woman.

Miranda Conn is going to move from the apartment the next week because she sold it after the incident.

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