Fight against online child exploitation continues: the government invests in e-safety czar

Fight against online child exploitation continues: the government invests in e-safety czar

A lot of money was allocated to finance a new tool that can help fight against online child exploitation.

Last spring, there was a meeting to improve the protection of children from harm that they can get on the Internet. More than 70 people were there. Police officers, politics, academics and other people gathered together last March for two days.

We live in the era of smartphones with cameras and a lot of mobile apps, games and different services that are available to any child nowadays. In addition, a large number of such information from the network can aggravate the condition of those children who are depressed after they become victims of online child exploitation.

All the participants supported the idea of creating e-safety czar and believed that it can promote safety to all Canada residents using the Internet.

Also, they were discussing the following topics:

1. Raising awareness of people about the existing problem.

2. Trying to meet the needs of victims.

3. Exchange of knowledge on this topic between governmental and non-governmental organizations.

4. Creating a group that will meet all the ideas for plans to increase online security.

5. Providing information on Internet users to all necessary agencies.

6. Limitation of suspected people to travel around the country and outside its borders.

Ralph Goodale told that the work on modernization and updating of strategies continues and changes will be visible quite soon. He said that his office is going to invest in a tool that can help identify pictures and videos with child sex abuse on the Internet. Ralph Goodale will also continue his work with and intends to create a special network to support victims.

The question about online child exploitation was discussed at the meeting of representatives of five powerful countries including Canada and between members of G7 very actively.  

This problem is very global throughout the world and worries the government of Canada very much.

We want to recall that about $25 million is allocated to support all investigations concerning this important and serious issue.

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