Beware of the Fraudulent Text Message: Winnipeg Police

Beware of the Fraudulent Text Message: Winnipeg Police

Scammers send SMS and emails on behalf of the bank.

Such messages inform users about the closure of their bank account or the restriction of transactions. To undo the action, you must click on the link and discard the changes. 

Winnipeg Police don't recommend clicking on the links provided. Hyperlinks lead to fake sites that steal personal data and account passwords. 

These phishing letters include the info about a major money transfer sometimes. Avoid this scam information and ignore all the scary messages. Inform the local police center in case of fishing activities. Banks won’t ask you to do that steps or follow the links. In most cases, you need to personally absence at the bank office to agree on various issues. 

According to the police report, such messages are stereotyped. Each SMS does not indicate your unique personal data or name. Links send you to fake sites that have nothing similar with real online banking systems. Bank employees never ask you to provide any credit card info or personal data!

Information security specialists say that attackers use telephone numbers that do not comply with banking standards. You can also add the desired number to the blacklist so that you will not receive regular fake messages.

However, scammers often change phone numbers. It should be noted that such messages contain grammatical errors sometimes. This is unacceptable for commercial structures. Thanks to such moments, you can determine the authenticity of the message.


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