Sunken ships found near Manitoba coast are not protected by the government

Sunken ships found near Manitoba coast are not protected by the government

There are thousands of sunken shipsin Canada waters. However, do you know that some of them are near Manitoba?

Unlike some other countries, there is no law that protects sunken ships as historical monuments in Canada at the current moment. The administration of Parks Canada tries to draw the attention of the authorities for their protection. The organization believes that if no action is taken, they may soon disappear altogether.

Some of the ships, shipwrecked many years ago, are near Manitoba coast. For example, the vessel MV Ithaca rests on the bottom at Bird Cove, which is 20 km from the town of Churchill. The vessel suffered a disaster in 1960, it was not lifted to the surface, although the cause of the disaster could not be clarified.

A few more similar cases have been recorded, and many sunken ships are visible during low tide.

Historians believe that it is necessary to preserve such monuments because of the legends that they can tell. It is estimated that there are more than 30,000 sunken ships in the waters of the Great Lakes of Canada, and now the administration of Parks Canada is developing special laws to protect such historical monuments. The first bill was shown to the government of Canada in 2011, but it still remains without attention.

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