Fire Paramedic Service created a camp for immigrant children in Winnipeg

Fire Paramedic Service created a camp for immigrant children in Winnipeg, Iryna Chyrkova

A new camp for immigrant children will teach children the vital things.

Winnipeg Rescue Service- Fire Paramedic Service, created a special camp for immigrant children, where they can gain the skills of firemen and doctors.

The first 11 teenagers have already learned how fire services and ambulance services work in Canada and have gained new skills. This group included teenagers from 15 to 18 who moved to Canada from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Syria, and Nigeria.

Heads of the program came to the conclusion that staying in the camp benefited children a lot, increasing the level of their adaptation to a new life. After all, most of them had to go through military conflicts that affected themquite strongly. Employees of Fire Paramedic Service hope that the lessons children have in the camp will encourage some of them to choose the profession of a lifeguard and to work for the society in the future.  

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