Six new ride-sharing apps start their work in Winnipeg

Six new ride-sharing apps start their work in Winnipeg

Now, Winnipeggers can take a ride using six ride-sharing apps.

This situation is very worrisome to the owners of traditional taxi services. The number of people using the apps is significantly increased, so they occupy an essential part of the existing transport market.

The city’s Manager of Vehicles for Hire, Grant Heather, shared his thoughts and said that traditional taxi service is becoming less popular and ride-sharing apps have a really good future.

According to the statistics, there were more than 15000 uses of the apps and about 420000 uses of traditional taxis in June. Now, they make only about 3%, but this figure will grow significantly in the future, especially during cold seasons. People can not walk a lot or ride their bikes when the weather conditions are not suitable for doing this.

Several services are from Winnipeg, so the city is also in business.

Changes in the taxi service occurred in March 2018. Grant Heather agrees that not everything goes smoothly and sometimes people complain that the car was not delivered on time or the driver did not know the place of the car's delivery.

These services are licensed and dispatchers have information about each driver. At any time, dispatchers can check the past of the drivers and make sure that they do not have a criminal record and were not related to the crimes.

Heather also said that new ride-sharing appeared on FB and they are not licensed do not have fixed prices. So, they are not very reliable and people should be careful using them.

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