The Moldavian diaspora took part in Winkler festival for the first time

The Moldavian diaspora took part in Winkler festival for the first time

Winkler festival opened its doors for the Moldavian diaspora.

The Moldavian diaspora presented their country very dignifiedly at the festival in Manitoba.

Every year a lot of people visit a harvest festival in Winkler. This year the festival opened its doors to more than 30 different countries that showed their culture, traditions and national cuisine.

Such countries as Pakistan, China, the Philippines, Nicaragua, the Congo, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, El Salvador, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Cuba, India, Austria, Peru, Moldova, etc. took part in the event. Each country had its own exhibition stand, which showed the most important aspects of their life and culture.

Moldova took part in the festival for the first time, thanks to the members of the Moldavian diaspora in Canada.

The festival has been popular for many years. This year it was visited by more than five thousand people. The festival is called upon to unite people that moved to Canada from different countries and to present their cultural values, traditions, and all the distinguishing features. Such events give foreigners a chance for self-expression, and the Canadians can learn more about immigrants.

Olesya Kraft, manager of the regional service Immigrant Connection and the organizer of the event informed that since 2004, more than 14,500 people from 133 countries of the world have emigrated to Winkler and Morden, and the local citizens are delighted to have an opportunity to learn more about these people and to feel part of something big.

The Moldavian diaspora in Canada has already attracted the attention of Canadians with its original pumpkin festival, called Citrouille en fête / Pumpkin Fest. This year it will be held for the sixth time.

The Moldavians have created their public group on FB for every person who is interested in their nation.

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