The bear destroyed the tent and then chased people in the forest

The bear destroyed the tent and then chased people in the forest

A bear frightened people resting in the forest

A man and a woman were sleeping in a tent near Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park, which is located 100 km from Winnipeg. In the morning they woke up hearing their dog barking. When they came out of the tent, they saw a huge black bear about one and a half meters from them.

This bear was not the first one they saw in their lives, and usually they made loud noises to scare a bear. However, that time the bear did not get scared and continued to move closer to people.

The couple realized that they had left their spray from bears in the trailer. So, the only way out was to take the dog and to run away. The bear started to follow them.

When they found themselves in the trailer, people understood that the keys were in the tent. The bear was near the trailer, so, they had to no other choice as to use a special repellent spray. The beast left them alone, but their weekend was hopelessly spoiled.

We want to remind that in July a bear stole lunch from an Israeli family in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

The couple also said that those who do not know how to behave in nature and what to do in such situations, should better stay at home and not risk their lives in the forest.

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