Recreational marijuana will not be taxed in Manitoba

Recreational marijuana will not be taxed in Manitoba

Manitoba officials decided to cancel the tax on recreational marijuana.

However, marijuana will continue to be charged with a series of fees and surcharges, but the tax will not be among them.

Manitoba government reported that all marijuana retailers will pay 75 cents per gram plus 6% of their income as a fee for social responsibility.

In Ottawa, there will also be an excise tax. However, the final documents are not signed yet.

On Wednesday, the provincial government informed about BITSA legislation.

Scott Fielding, Families Minister, made a statement and said that the main goal is to neutralize the black market by lowering the price of marijuana.

Dougald Lamont, the Liberal Leader, did not agree with the position of the Families Minister.

Wab Kinew, NDP Leader, shared his opinion and said that the officials still have no clear plan for the situation with marijuana in the country since the absence of tax will not liquidate the black market.

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