Discussions about the sexual education of children continue

Discussions about the sexual education of children continue

A famous researcher shared his opinion on sex education of children.

Jonathan Zimmerman, author of Too Hot to Handle: A Global History of Sex Education, made a statement and shared his opinion on the problem of sex education in Canada.

He said that sex education affects absolutely all people, and should be present not only in schools.

In different provinces there are different legal frameworks for sexual education of children. For example, in Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec children learn all body parts when they are six. However, in New Brunswick children do not talk about this until they are in the 6th form.  In Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia children start discussing this topic being in the 3rd form.

The decision made by Ontario Premier Doug Ford to cancel the current sex education curriculum is being widely discussed by many people, including parents of children studying at school.

The government reported that the current sex education program is replaced with the previous one, as it was created by the previous Liberal government. Many parents are against the new liberal program because they think schools are not suitable for discussing such private topics as sex, pregnancy, masturbation or contraceptive means.

A professor of sociology who specializes in gender, sexuality and education, Mary Lou Rasmussen, also shared her opinion on the situation. She said that it does not matter whether the government is conservative or progressive, sex education should be present in the life of children and teenagers. Young people should possess information and know how to reject unwanted offers. The main thing is that sex education curriculum should be created for all schools in all provinces and should be the same.

However, schools are not all places where children could get the necessary information. It would be better to consult professionals instead of asking friends about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. They can know even less.  

According to the latest data, this problem concerns not only the Canadian schools but schools all over the world. That’s why there is no clear opinion about the right program. However, the Canadian government will try its best to come to the best decision to educate children and adolescents and protect them in the future.

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