Manitoba resident shared his experience of speeding fine

Manitoba resident shared his experience of speeding fine

There is an opinion that fines make a large part of the budget of the city and the police.

The man who received a fine told his story:

I was caught by a mobile post on the Provencher Boulevard - such a dark toned Dodge, without identification marks, but with a bunch of photo equipment. It was my first violation, so after reading various forums, I decided to go to court.

It is necessary to go to court during the period prescribed in the fine, there are 2 dates - the beginning and the end of the appeal. You have a month to get there.

The Road Traffic Court is located at 373 Broadway, in the centre of the city. Parking is available, $2.50 per hour. I paid for 20 minutes at first.

The reception is on the 1st floor to the right. I was waiting for about 5-10 minutes and came to the window. I explained why I needed to see the judge and went to the 4th floor using an elevator. Upstairs I saw several rooms with judges, 20 people who were waiting and a secretary shouting names.

Having registered, I went to prolong parking for another 30 minutes and returned to wait for my turn. There were 2-3 judges in each room, it took about 1 to 3 minutes for every person.

The hall is divided by partitions, the judge sits on the dais, the petitioner stands in front of him and tells his version of what happened.Outcome: due to convincing arguments and irrefutable facts, I got a good discount and deferment of the payment.

There was a trespasser in flip-flops and with a recognizable accent of local taxi drivers in front of me in the queue. He also received a discount, despite a large number of previous fines.

The whole process took less than 40 minutes of working time including walking from the car and returning to it.

All of the above is a personal experience and nothing more. Do not forget to follow Traffic Laws! 

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