9 planes had to make urgent landings in Chile, Argentina, and Peru

9 planes had to make urgent landings in Chile, Argentina, and Peru

Aircraft are landing urgently because of an explosive threat in airports in South America.

Representatives of Chilean aviation reported that 9 planes had to change their original routes and to make urgent landings in Chile, Argentina, and Peru. This situation happened on Thursday, August, 16.

The director general of Chile’s civil aviation authority reported that there were 11 calls about bombs, but two of them were fictitious, so only 9 planes had to land in South America.In two cases, it was immediately possible to establish that the information was false because non-existent flight numbers were named. One more liner was sent for inspection.

At the current moment, all aircraft have passed the necessary verification and received a refutation of information about the bombs. One of them is already allowed to continue flights.

The civil aviation authority informed that the investigation is ongoing and they do their best to find out where the calls were made from and to identify the culprits of the incident.

Victor Villalobos Collao also added that they saw left baggage very often and they suspected that the bomb might be inside, but such a large-scale situation occurred for the first time.

The transport ministry of Peru informed that no one was hurt as a result of the incidents. However, most people were very frightened by the situation. People were also very dissatisfied that their plans were changed and they could not reach their destinations on time.

Now everything is completely under control. MORE NEWS: The debts of Manitoba Hydro rose above $19 billion

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