Avoid drinking city water in The Pas due to the pump failure

Avoid drinking city water in The Pas due to the pump failure

On Friday, August 17, the water treatment plant in The Pas had to stop working due to the issue with city pump. Now the residents are getting water from well. As its quality is unknown yet, the government states that one is not advised to drink the tap water.

It is not recommended attempting to purify water at home. The treatment by thermal or chemical means may not make it safe.

For the following purposes, better to buy water in bottles:

  • drinking;
  • cooking;
  • making tea/coffee or other drinks;
  • making ice;
  • washing mouth and brushing teeth;
  • washing vegetables or fruits.

Tap water can still be used for household purposes, like laundry, cleaning or washing dishes. During taking a shower or bath, everyone should avoid swallowing water. When bathing children, it is better to use sponge.

All food services that use city water are to follow the instructions from Boil Water Advisory Fact Sheet #3.

The government said that the citizens will be notified as soon as the issue is fixed and tap water is safe for drinking again.

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