Two separate gun-related calls for police make one intense weekend.

Two separate gun-related calls for police make one intense weekend.

Firearms calls in Winnipeg are not something unusual, according to police, this year such calls are coming in more often and with this information being updated all the time, there is a constantly increasing wave of crime in the city.

Saturday late night and Sunday morning put Winnipeg police officers to work with two unrelated firearms incidents.

As confirmed by one of the officers, first shooting took place in the city’s West End, an elderly man was shot and after rushed to a hospital. As of now, the victim is in stable condition. Currently, police investigators now still working on a scene and there are no updates yet on the background of the incident or a shooter identity.

Another call came in on Sunday morning from St. John’s neighborhood. More shots were fired right in front of one of the homes on Atlantic Avenue, with no injuries reported. Responding officer noted no arrests made regarding this shooting as of today.

As per Winnipeg police: such gun-involving incidents is a growing problem of the city. These calls and reports bring unsettling thoughts and fears into local communities and neighborhoods. People are worried and relying on local police to protect them against rising violence.

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