Celebration of peace took place at Jinnah Park

Celebration of peace took place at Jinnah Park

The Pakistani community celebrated peace together with local citizens of Winnipeg.

An act of vandalism took place some time agoat Jinnah Park. A few days later, on Sunday, the Pakistani community decided to get together and to celebrate a holiday dedicated to peace in the park where the sign was yielded to vandalism.

The act of vandalism occurred a few days after that park was named a prototype of extreme multiculturalism. The statement was made by Conservative MP Maxime Bernier.

The city authorities gave the name to the park in May this year.A representative of the Pakistani community said he wants to forget about vandalism and to focus on spreading the peace to people’s hearts.He added that their task was to unite, their aim was to work in harmony and therefore they got together.

The peace holiday was open to everyone who wanted to come there on Sunday. It also coincided with the anniversary of Pakistan's independence. This year Pakistan celebrated its 71st independence.

Representatives of the Pakistani community reported that they live in Canada, they have Canadian friends and neighbors and the community invited all the citizens of Winnipeg to share the holiday, to have fun and to celebrate the day together with them for the sake of peace.

The purpose of this holiday was, first of all, the unification of people of different religions or nationalities to create a better life in Winnipeg in the future.

According to official data, more than 500 people took part in the event.

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