Canadians do not consume enough fiber

Canadians do not consume enough fiber

A naturopathic doctor told that Canadians should change their diet.

Doctors and adherents of a healthy lifestyle are constantly talking about the numerous benefits of fiber contained in foods of plant origin.

It is not surprising - with the help of fiber you can effortlessly maintain a normal intestinal microflora. By itself, cellulose is practically not digested in the digestive tract and does not contain vitamins, which theoretically makes it useless. At the same time, fiber is necessary for good health, digestion and intestinal work.

Joyce Johnson, a naturopathic doctor, made a statement and said that Canadians do not consume enough fiber in their diet. According to his words, the necessary amount of fiber should be from 21 to 38 grams per day for an adult.

Chronic lack of fiber in the diet provokes numerous metabolic disorders - starting with increasing glucose levels which is associated with a constant feeling of hunger, overeating, and weight gain and ending with constipation. People should understand that the lack of fiber is primarily a consequence of a complex eating disorder.

Joyce Johnson recommends eating fruit, vegetables, legumes, and oats. He also said that eating one avocado in the morning can make about a half of a daily norm of fiber.

Of course, some foods rich in fiber have a number of contraindications, and when abused, they can cause bloating and impair absorption of other nutrients.

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