Lady Jane had a picnic in the style of the Jane Austen era

Lady Jane had a picnic in the style of the Jane Austen era

On Saturday, August 18 Pride & Prejudice Summer Promenade & Picnic took place in Assiniboine Park from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A few months ago there was Pride & Prejudice Ball Winnipeg at The Fort Garry Hotel. The event was organized by Lady Jane (L.J.). The name was taken in honor of Jane Gray, the queen who ruled for 9 days. She was killed when she was 16 years old. She did nothing in history, but nevertheless, she remained in the memory of her descendants. The story of Jane Gray is being studied at school, a lot of paintings were created and books were written about her. The tragedy of Jane Gray took a place in English culture incomparable with its modest historical significance.  

England 16th century, it was the time of flaming fires, religious conflicts of Catholics with Protestants, the times of the Queen Bloody Mary (most likely the cocktail was named in her honor). The image of Lady Jane became almost holy.

A few days ago, information about the picnic held by Lady Jane appeared in media. The organizer attracted more attention to herself. It turned out that her father called her Lady Jane in childhood. “You are in big trouble, Lady Jane!”- jokingly said her father, when the girl was doing something wrong.

Later a famous writer Jane Austen appeared in her life.  The works of Jane Austen are compulsory for study in all colleges and universities of the United Kingdom. The writer lived in troubled times. England was embraced by an industrial coup, the country was actively engaged in the colonization of foreign lands. Jane did not consider herself competent to write about military and political events, so she wrote novels.

The era of Jane Austen’s life was taken as the basis of all the events organized by L.J. She is convinced that a pleasant environment and art can unite people, help them open up. When preparing for a meeting, a person transfers himself to the era of romanticism, lives the life of a character who lived 200 years ago.At the events, music of the Jane Austen era sounds and chapters from her books are read.

On a picnic, children dressed in hats and ruffles played croquet, there was an atmosphere of elegance. A similar atmosphere can be seen at all events organized by L.J. People going to the ball should learn to dance, special courses are created for this purpose. There is also a restriction on clothing: it should be chosen strictly according to the epoch.

The name Lady Jane is also very often used in the name of businesses related to services and the sale of goods for women.

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