Happy 50th Birthday, The Boler Travel Trailer!

Happy 50th Birthday, The Boler Travel Trailer!

Those itsy bitsy trailers brought a lot of memories and nostalgia as they were travel buddies for many families. During the festival, Rick Mooynan, who was the co-host of this event, together with his wife Shirley shared their emotions with the other guests of this event. As it turned out, a lot of families came to the festival on their Boler trailers as well and like many years ago they still use them for campings.

Shirley mentions that this type of trailers is very convenient as they are not heavy-weight and rather compact, besides traveling on such kind of vehicle is always an adventure!

The other family who drove to the festival was Jeff and Kathy Soseman. They’ve made a long way from central Iowa to Dryden before visiting Winnipeg.

The Sosemans decided to buy a Scamp trailer in 2013 as they enjoyed traveling with their dogs and while camping they were always running out of the tents. Jeff said that this meeting of Boler trailer fans is one of the biggest they’ve ever attended.

It’s really great when something unites people and they have the same interests. Jeff believes that during such festivals you can meet new people and simply have a lot of fun.