Boos and Cheers are just one step apart: a simple advice from the Birmingham Rifle

The former football player had a meeting with the fans during the Roadshow, that took place in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Brock told that he is still keeping an eye on the Bombers. He also commented on the situation with Matt Nichols that happened on last Friday.

The player was booed by the fans when returning to the game. Later on that day, when the game was over, Nichols admitted that he was very sad to face such reaction from the fans. Matt said that it was pretty hard for him to realize that people at booing at him.

Dieter told that he knew what Matt felt at that moment, as he had already faced the same situation. The legendary player says that it is impossible to always be good for fans, as no one is protected from making a mistake.

Brock says, that to win back the fans approval, Nichols simply has nothing to do but “what he’s supposed to to as a quarterback”. The former player is sure, that then boos will turn into cheers.

One straight pass can be enough, he says. And Nichols can do it at the nearest Bombers’ home game.

Dieter Brock had been playing for Winnipeg Blue Bombers since 1974 to 1983. In 1995 hes was elected to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.