Not the best creativity: The number of self made weapons continues to grow

Not the best creativity: The number of self made weapons continues to grow

The policemen have several presumptions on why criminals actually are so inventive in making guns out of improvised materials. Drug addiction or gang activity, however, are just presumptions. The real reason remains unknown.

At the moment, the Winnipeg police can’t say exactly how many self-made guns have already been constructed. The fact is that the number of robberies and other crimes with such guns being used, is increasing.

The local Constable Jay Murray says that criminals use a variety of materials on hand to create guns. Starting from bike parts to canes, it can be anything that has a shape of a tube. He also mentions that the police is putting hopes on the Gun Amnesty program or more severe measures in the sphere of law enforcement.

During this year, the officers inspected a lot of crimes that were made with the help of improvised weapons. One of them was in winter, when the police came to stop an armed man. After the seizure, it was found that the gun was made out of a metal pipe tied to a piece of wood.

Constable Murray also emphasized that the increase of self-made weapons in Winnipeg and all over the Canada might be a real problem, as they were not only made for commission of crimes, but brought imminence to public safety as well.

It should be reminded that these self-made guns are very dangerous, as they never went through any safety checks once they were made.

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