Israel Sasha Demidov will please residents of Winnipeg with his creative evening

Israel Sasha Demidov will please residents of Winnipeg with his creative evening

September 25, 2018, Sasha Demidov will perform with the program Life Is a Game!

The meeting will take place in an informal atmosphere in the synagogue at 561 Wellington Crescent. This synagogue is located in the city center and has a large parking lot for everyone who wants to attend the event.

Sasha Demidov has more than 50 main roles during his 30-year career and was awarded with many prizes.

In 1990, Sasha moved with his friends to live in Israel and since then has played leading roles in a huge number of performances. In 1994 during the tour of England, he was named the best foreign actor of the year for the performance of one of the roles in Idiot by Dostoevsky.

In 1995 and 1996 he received two more awards. This actor starred in more than 10 movies and TV series.

The meeting will also be attended by the wife of the actor, they have been married happily for many years and have three sons. His wife and sons are also actors.

Sasha Demidov attracts attention not only by his acting talent but also by the knowledge of Kabbalah. He has been studying Kabbalah for many years as an opportunity to mend reality, humanity, its movement and the place of an individual in this system. The actor will speak at a meeting exactly about this.

Regina Teplitskaya is the producer of Sasha Demidov's creative meeting. Many people know her as an inspired initiator, organizer, an entertainment person and a talented singer.

Residents of Winnipeg remember many of Regina's creative projects with great warmth. Regina loves the city of Winnipeg and wants to bring diversity and colors to the life of the local population, including emigrants from Russian-speaking countries.

Regina expresses great gratitude to all people who bought tickets for the meeting, as well as to all the sponsors of the event. The singer is especially grateful to the general sponsor Synoptic Heating and Cooling for the support of the cultural life of Winnipeg.

Only one month remained before the creative meeting of Sasha Demidov. More than a half of the tickets have already been sold. You can find out the detailed information and buy a ticket for the event by contacting Regina at 204-807-3355.

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