Lakewood Agencies issued cannabis policy for people living in its buildings

Lakewood Agencies issued cannabis policy for people living in its buildings, Iryna Chyrkova

Lakewood Agencies is against smoking of marijuana in its apartment buildings despite the new law.

The Canadian authorities took new decisions on marijuana some time ago. According to these changes, marijuana is legalized in the country under certain conditions.

However, not all people agree with this decision. For example, the manager of a company engaged in real estate has forbidden all residents of houses belonging to the company to store or to smoke marijuana.

He informed all residents that they can not smoke cannabis near their apartments or inside.

Several people living in those buildings commented on the situation rather negative. Erica Shrutwa, living on Portage Avenue, said that he sees no difference between smoking of usual cigarettes and smoking of marijuana.

Kim Scott, living also on Portage Avenue, told that she can do what she likes being inside her apartment and if marijuana became legal then she has the right to smoke at her place.

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The company said that after making a decision on the legalization of marijuana. They will not make changes to the agreement, which was signed by all residents. All permits and prohibitions remain in force despite the new law.

The company is taking care of other people living nearby and thinks that smoke and smell can affect them. Cases with prescription smoking will be discussed separately.

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