Lauren McNabb will work at The Start show

Lauren McNabb will work at The Start show

Lauren McNabb, former Global News anchor, will join Greg Mackling and Brett Megarry at The Start show.

This show will be aired on 680 CJOB. Lauren McNabb has been working on television for more than ten years, and now his voice will be heard on the radio.

The Start show is already popular, and the voice of such a famous media person will add a new mood to it.

McNabb shared her opinion on the situation and told that she is a little worried that she will not get to the show on time as she needs to be there at 4 a.m. Such a lifestyle is new to her, she is not used to waking up too early.

Brett Megarry said that Lauren McNabb is quite a funny person and she will definitely make the show more cheerful. Greg Mackling told that he is really happy to work with the person who has such a great experience in media work.

680 CJOB management is confident that a new person will create a new show. Starting from this Wednesday The Start will be aired every weekday from 6 to 10 a.m., so all the fans of Lauren McNabb can turn on their radio and enjoy it.

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