A high-risk sex offender lives in Winnipeg

A high-risk sex offender lives in Winnipeg

The Police informed that a high-risk sex offender lives in Winnipeg.

According to the official data, the man is named James Porter Badour and he is fifty-three years old.

The man received treatment, however, the Police worry that it was not enough and the man is a threat. In the history of the crimes of this man, cases of sexual violence against children, men and women can be seen.

The city authorities are very concerned and say that the city's children may be in danger. After James Porter Badour was released in 2017, the man lived in Toronto and Guelph, after that he moved and he was seen in Alonso and Neapawa in Manitoba.

The last crimes of a man were committed in 2015 when he pretended to be an assistant for the caregivers and had sexual intercourse with two girls. After that, he received 658 days of imprisonment.

A man is forbidden to be in any public places where children can be. The speech is about parks, entertainment centres, swimming pools, schools, kindergartens, etc.

The Police are asking all people who possess any useful information about this man to contact at 204-984-1888 or 204-786-8477.

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