A man throws propane tank at a police cruiser

A man throws propane tank at a police cruiser

Past Wednesday morning one of the police officers was surely surprised when he got a full sized barbeque tank thrown in the rear window of police cruiser he was in.

As per Winnipeg Police: a man of 30 years old, who threw a large metal object at a cruiser with an officer inside, was under influence of an unknown at the time substance. Officer was at the front passenger seat of a police vehicle, when a man, appeared to be high on methamphetamine, passed by without saying a word and simply threw a propane tank in the back window of parked vehicle.

There are no clear reasons or motives for such action as of now, the case is still under investigation. A man was later identified as Richard Lee Friesen a resident of Winnipeg.

The same day another man, high on meth armed with a screwdriver attacked another man and later started arguing with a police officer, arrived at the scene, so a stun gun had to be used. Police say, these incidents are not connected, but definitely raise local crime level and call for an action from law enforcement agencies. Investigators are working on finding out the possible source of methamphetamine and its origin to prevent such incidents happening in the future.

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