Radio station staff has to protect themselves

Radio station staff has to protect themselves

One Facebook post got all the attention possible not just from friends and regular auditory, but also from Police. CJ 104, one of the radio stations in Swan River, Manitoba recently was receiving threats and breakings, so the employees decided to deal with the matter by themselves. Some of the threats had a statement commanding radio station to shut down and stop broadcasting in one week, otherwise, the station will be burned to the ground.

As per CJ 104 workers, police didn’t take such threats seriously and are not covering the situation with needed attention, so they will protect themselves by dividing into groups for patrolling surrounding area and overnight watches. Each group will have 1 person licensed to carry and use firearms. Also recently they prevented an attempt to break in the building and scared off the attacker with a baseball bat.

The owner of the radio station, discussing the situation with his employees, gave instructions to protect the property and themselves, also to use lethal force if they feel danger or direct threat to their lives.

Police issued a statement expressing their concern about people taking such matter into their own hands could be dangerous for their own lives and certainly brings danger to the community. RCPM will check and follow up on all the complaints. Police will investigate threats origin and possible suspects responsible for that, to protect not just the station and staff, but also local neighborhoods and the residents.