A famous chef Mandel Hitzer is going to Riding Mountain National Park

A famous chef Mandel Hitzer is going to Riding Mountain National Park

From September 24 to October 14 Wasagaming will host RAW: almond.

A famous chef Mandel Hitzer from Winnipeg is going to contribute to the celebration. Hitzer will take his popular pop-up restaurant to the festival in Wasagaming.

A well-known chef will create a tasting room on a temporary basis in Riding Mountain National Park. He is already known to do something similar on the frozen Assiniboine River.

Joe Klaturnyk, a local architect, noted that the Park has made a fire belt that extends around the city and he will use scrap wood to build various houses and buildings.

Mandel Hitzer reported that he created a menu taking as a basis the cuisine of Manitoba. He spent a lot of time communicating with local farmers to find out what foods grow during this period of time, so that his new menu matches the cuisine of this region as much as possible.

The chef is sure that all the inhabitants of the province will appreciate his new dishes and he will be able to surprise them with taste combinations.

As it became known, dinner will be held after people make a boat trip along the waters of the Clear Lake.

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