Missing teacher from Manitoba was found dead

Missing teacher from Manitoba was found dead

Jeff Freiheit was found dead in Germany where he was hiking.

The 32-year-old Manitoba resident worked as a school teacher in Brandon school. The man went to Germany about a month ago and there was no communication with him since August 2.

The local Police found somebody’s body with the help of a helicopter. The relatives of the missing teacher decided to go in search of Jeff to Germany, where he went hiking in the mountains, to identify the body.

Unfortunately, the worst expectations were met and on August 26 the mother of the man found his body. The man was dead.

One of the teacher's friends, Rich Manfield, confirmed the information on his social networks.

The family of the deceased is sure that Jeff Freiheit did not suffer and died quickly. Hiking is not a dangerous sport, many people do this all their lives. Despite the fact that Jeff had a big experience in this activity, he was very unlucky and fell from a height of about 50 meters. This incident led to his death.

His family also expressed a great gratitude to all the friends of the deceased for their help and support since his disappearance.

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