Killed a woman in 1996, arrested now for bank robbery

Killed a woman in 1996, arrested now for bank robbery

Michael Karas, 61 years old, was arrested by the police in one of the Winnipeg hotels. He is accused of three bank robberies, that happened since November 2017 till this August.

This is not the first time when Karas is being accused. The first one was in 1996, when the police found the woman body in one of the Thai resorts. It was divided into parts.

The detectives found out that Karas was in a relationship with the victim, whose name was Suwannee Ratanaprakorn. They lived together in one of the Pattaya hotels (Thai Gulf, the eastern coast).

According to the documents, Karas splitted the body before trying to hide it in a swamp nearby the hotel. The police managed to find the head, arms and legs only.

The man escaped from the country right after committing the crime. Upon his arrival in Canada, the murderer was taken into custody for other crimes. In 2011 the Thailand authorities insisted on his extradition.

After getting back to Thailand, Karas had been jailed. Five years later, in 2011, he was taken back to Canada as a foreign returnee prisoner.

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