Three parking meters have been stolen from the streets of Winnipeg

Several parking meters — each is almost 300 pounds weight (!), had been stolen out of the Exchange District and Health Sciences Centre. The accidents happened between June 27 and August 17.

According to the estimation, each meter contained nearly $1,600 inside. It is obvious, that a single person couldn't handle this weight. If only that person wasn't a Superman, of course.

The Winnipeg Parking Authority claims that the police has been informed about each stealing. The Winnipeg authorities say that they are doing everything possible to prevent the further stealings.

The police asks for help everyone who might have any information about the incident. Please call 911 if you know anything that can help to find the robbers.

At the moment, 17% of people pay for the parking lot via telephone. 53% are paying in cash. The rest are making the payment by the credit card.