Parent requests action in letter to mayor

Parent requests action in letter to mayor

Mike Enns, a citizen of Winnipeg, wrote an open letter to city`s mayor with some critic on why the mayor hadn’t publically address the crime problem of the city, especially the wave of stabbings rolling thru certain areas of downtown, that even police do not recommend to walk there along during a dark time of the year.

Mike`s stepson got attacked in a random act of violence on August 18th while he was walking in the Central Park. The boy received around 20 staband slash wounds, most of them were to his face, throat, and head, so he is definitely lucky to survive thru this attack. It will take a long time for a victim to come back to normal life, if there is a normal life after incident like this, he will have to not just heal physically, but also mentally, to overcome the trauma and the fear of being outside alone and get used to his body after the life-threatening stabbing.

Enns letter to mayor also describes a couple of other incidents like this that happened just recently in Winnipeg. To remind you, just last week was not just busy for local police and hospitals, but really intense with 8 stabbing cases that happened in just four days. Most of the victims were delivered to the hospital for treatment, some came in themselves. With a few patients delivered to the hospital in critical condition, most of them were upgraded later to a stable condition and no risk for life.

Mayor Bowman`s representative called Enns to speak about his concerns about the stabbing incidents in the city and to discuss what needs to be done to deal and decrease the level of crime in Winnipeg. Mayors statement shows the path to increasing police presence in such areas, involved crimes like this, also increasing police budget to the highest level in city’s history, also installing additional lighting and security cameras in mentioned areas to prevent such incidents.

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