More than 20 families are without a home after a big fire

More than 20 families are without a home after a big fire

On Sunday morning there was a big fire in Southdale.

A large complex with apartments suffered a lot from a big fire. There were more than 150 apartments in the building, but only a part of them was on fire.

More than 20 families lost everything, and a family consisting of eight people was among them.

Leanne Nacionales, a person that has lost the apartment, said that it was like hell. Fire was everywhere and the family having six children miraculously escaped. They had no insurance and all the property was destroyed by the fire.

At about 6 am the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service received a signal about a fire and several cars immediately went to the place. A 10-year-old girl from this large family heard a fire alarm and immediately began to wake all family members with cries of a fire.

The family began to quickly run down the stairs. It was not easy, because the building was filled with smoke and other people were also running down.

Residents of neighboring houses were worried about the incident, as they thought that the fire could pass to their homes too. Their buildings are old and can quickly ignite.

All apartments located on 3 floors burned down. Perhaps, some things have survived, but at the moment people do not have access to their apartments.

A full assessment of the damage has not yet been officially announced.

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