Drugs and weapon related arrests in Seven Oaks

Drugs and weapon related arrests in Seven Oaks

Last Saturday, August 25th Winnipeg police arrested four suspects and confiscated drugs and weapons related to methamphetamine. Officers searched a home on Jefferson Avenue also related vehicle was stopped and searched on Main st. and seized two airsoft handguns, two rifles, ammunition, body armor, also meth and prescription drugs.

Guns were used by drug dealers to protect themselves and their product from competitors and criminals, also possibly for other criminal attacks and obtaining property by crime.

Suspects identified as a 31-year –old Tyson Paul Colford, James Glen Houle, 29, Raechel Marie Dueck, 29, Shawn Derek Blair, 31 all citizens of Winnipeg. All of the arrested are in custody as of now and facing multiple charges like possession of property obtained by crime and drug trafficking, charges related to firearm and possession of methamphetamine, possession of a weapon and body. All four suspects have a history of similar crimes and charges. The question arises why these known criminals are walking freely among other citizens of Winnipeg and are not in jail for many crimes they committed in the past?

As per Winnipeg police, the bust went smooth, no officers injured, all suspects are now in custody awaiting for trial, investigators still working with all collected evidence on a matter of possible connection to other reported and unsolved crimes.

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