Police investigating toddler`s death in Little Grand Rapids

Police investigating toddler`s death in Little Grand Rapids

A tragic incident happened last Thursday, August 23rd a 3-year-old boy was delivered to the community nursing station in remote Manitoba location and later pronounced dead. This happened in Little Grand Rapids, about 265 kilometers northern of Winnipeg, a little boy was brought in an unresponsive state, unfortunately, nursing station workers were unable to bring him back to life. That was a huge loss for a family, seeking answers and the reason for what had happened.

RCPM arrived at Little Grand Rapids shortly after and an autopsy was scheduled to determine a cause of death and reasons led to such tragic outcome. Later The Chief Medical Examiner`s Office that an autopsy on a toddler had been completed, but they can’t add any information or comment the incident since the investigation is still ongoing.

Heather Stefanson Families Minister said that child was never in care of Child and Family Services. They are working with the Manitoba Police Office getting all the details and collecting necessary information and facts to help with the investigation.

Ainsley Krone, a spokesperson for The Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth, said that incident is being reviewed by the office, but since the RCMP investigation is still ongoing, they will not interfere and can’t comment on the matter until its closed and official results made public.

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