Three articles that can change people’s life forever

 Three articles that can change people’s life forever

TIME magazine, The Spectator magazine and Shares magazine published three breathtaking articles.

There are more than 8000 magazines in the UK. They are published weekly, monthly or quarterly. They cover the vast majority of business interests, occupations, sports, hobbies, and interests, and are targeted at different markets and levels of education.

It is difficult to find a person who does not like to read an interesting article and to escape from gray everyday life into bright glossy covers. Magazines change our world. Today you can learn a new language, acquire a new hobby, or simply immerse yourself into a fascinating world of news and celebrity life.

From time to time every magazine publishes amazing and really breathtaking articles. In the modern world, articles in magazines have not lost their popularity and significance. A modern article can show people new perspectives and broaden the horizons of their thinking.

Here are three magazine articles that changed the world and the perception of life in many people:



The Silence Breakers: The Voices that Launched a Movement

TIME magazine, December 18, 2017

This hashtag shows the bravery of people who told their stories about sexual harassment around the world. #METOO has changed the life and fate of thousands of men and women who defended their rights, their reputation and fought against injustice.



Out – and Into the World: why the Spectator is for Leave

The Spectator magazine, June 18, 2016

The article published in 2016 changed the fate of Great Britain. In the past, this magazine was the only one that spoke out about the fact that Britain should leave the European Union, but at that moment, it was not so relevant. The Leave movement was supported by many residents of the country.



Artificial Intelligence: Over-hyped or future megatrend?

Shares magazine, May 24, 2018

It was the article that showed that the time when artificial intelligence became the main news for people came. Artificial intelligence is part of our lives, and many people can no longer imagine their lives without the help of Siri or without using a chatbot when shopping on Amazon.

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