The divorce process can take less time

The divorce process can take less time

Right now there are 2 main aims that he wants to reach.

The first one implies that each case that is not complicated by any additional circumstances, must be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will take 12-15 months to close them by the court. No matter how complex they are, the cases should not take more time. And that is the second aim.

The other important amendment that is being discussed is the opportunity for couples to avoid visiting the court hearings. Instead, they will be able to use intermediary services. The Winnipeg families will be able to try the new approach soon, as Joyal is going to start the campaign this autumn. He expects to get the results by 2019.

According to the reforms, there will be a triage forum. It will include four judges responsible for resolving the cases.

Joyal believes that they will be able to resolve the simple cases, when both sides come to an agreement, in 30 days. Otherwise, it will take up to 15 months, but no longer.

Jurgen Feldschmid, who is responsible for the family section in the Manitoba Bar Association, supposes that these reforms have both pros and cons.

Though he likes Joyal’s active approach, he still doubts if these reforms can be helpful now.

Feldschmid believes that people need to hear the judge, as their words might have more weight. Once the procedures are speeded up by the reforms, the couples might skip this consulting step, he thinks. Jurgen says that sometimes even a simple advice from the judge, like spend more time together, is enough to save the family.

Joyal agrees that the consensus for the reforms has not been reached yet. However, he still believes that these changes are necessary for further simplification of the divorce procedures.